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Покупать на CVICV удобно и выгодно!

Гид покупателя поможет Вам поближе познакомиться с нашим магазином, ознакомившись с ним, Вы узнаете, как купить нужный товар, как и когда он будет доставлен, как оставить отзыв, если Вам понравилась покупка, и что делать, если нет.


1. Для того, чтобы перейти к регистрации личного аккаунта, пожалуйста нажмите..

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Shipment and payment

Вы можете оплатить по этим способом: PayPal Экспресс-платежи (в.т.ч. карты Виза и MasterCard), American Express, Киви, Яндекс.деньги.
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How to create an account on PayPal

The most convenient and secure way to pay for purchases at, as well as any foreign online stores!

How to register for PayPal and pay for their purchases in shops all over the world!


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The meaning of girls wearing a ring

Can be worn on the right hand, but generally do not wear on the thumb

According to whether the love of distinction, it can be this:

Right hand little finger: do not fall in love.

Right hand ring finger: in love.

Right middle finger: a flower with the Lord.

Right index finger: single nobility.

Do not wear in the left hand, because wearing on the left hand makes sense,

Left little finger: not marriage family.

Left hand ring finger: get married.

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Men windbreaker with how

Men's windbreaker this year, popular in the knee length of 5 centimeters or so prevail, the style will be double-breasted or straight military style for the most popular. Enough to reflect the handsome man and masculine. Fit body style is not the main hit this year, you can fully try to loose windbreaker to bring the "wind sense." Loose style is conducive to those "beer belly", "life buoy" were blocking their own deficiencies. Many people always feel that wearing a windbreaker dress rigorous, without a trace of the feeling of relaxation, very rigid. Indeed, the business style will of course be more formal, but as long as you change a little bit with the method, it will appear different. For example, you can wrap around a thick needle scarf, lower body can wear straight jeans, preferably..

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How to make you look more thin?

The same height and weight of two people, some people may shoulder wide, but hip hip narrow; some people did not significantly waist, but limbs slender '; also upper body very thin, very sturdy lower body ... ...

According to their size, choose the dress for their own, will be able to avoid weaknesses, was thin several kilograms.

What 's your size? First to be a self-test. Before the test, I have to say:

Size is not constant, you lose weight, fat will change. And not everyone is a standard body size, is likely to be accompanied by other problems, such as: Although the hourglass-type body, but the arm thick; pear-shaped body + neck and so on.

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Daily clothing washing tips

Sometimes in daily life can not avoid the clothes will run into some oil stains, stains, etc. This allows us a headache, sometimes new clothes, do not care to dirty, and how to wash also wash, the following is learning Xiaobian for everyone to organize daily washing clothes tips for your reference!

Daily clothing washing tips

1, clothes, blood stains, cold water can be washed, first clothes dip salt water, then soap and water. Or white radish with salt, squeeze the juice after scrub.

2, the clothes sticky plaster sticky, may have gasoline, kerosene brush clear, or scrub with alcohol, after rinsing with water.

3, tie stained with dirt, can not be washed only dry cleaning, so as not to tie fade loss of stiff feeling.


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Clothing with the basic principles

Clothing with the basic principles

In this case,

In general,

Coat color deep,

Download color is not advisable,

This will give a top-heavy feeling.

In this case,

If the jacket is a plaid or striped pattern,

Then the skirt is best not to be the same pattern,

But should be a single

One color. On the contrary, if the skirt is spent, then the above should be equipped with plain shirts.

In this case,

Colorful shirt should not be worn inside the coat,

Especially gay men.

If you wear a flower shirt directly outside

Surface, the effect will be much better. If it is more formal outside the clothes, the shirt inside the best light-colored,


In this case,

The material is preferably clos..

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Clothing fabrics

Clothing fabrics


Clothing made of fabric, fabric is used to make clothing materials. As one of the three elements of clothing, the fabric can not only interpret the style and characteristics of clothing, but also directly about the clothing color, shape the performance results.

In the clothing world, the clothing fabric variety, with each passing day. However, in general, high-quality, high-grade fabrics, mostly with comfortable, sweat-absorbing breathable, drape Tingkuo, visual elegance, touch soft features such as several aspects.

Production in the formal social occasions wearing the clothing, should choose cotton, pure wool, pure silk, pure hemp products. To these four kinds of natural texture fabric clothing, mostly high grade. Sometimes, wearin..

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December Birthstone - Zircon

December’s birthstones offer three ways to fight the winter blues: tanzanite, zircon and turquoise – all of them, appropriately, best known for beautiful shades of blue. Now we talk about zircon.

The gem zircon range from the oldest on earth, comes in purple, golden yellow, light yellow, garnet red, olive green, champagne, pink, purple blue, apple green, blue and red... and sometimes it has no colour at all.


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